Coconut Chalice

Our coconut shell Chalice is more than a tool for burning herbs, it’s a spiritual practice and experience. Hand-crafted in Jamaica, the Chalice combines the 4 elements of earth, fire, wind and water, creating a harmonizing frequency, mind, body and spirit, for all who participate in this heavenly ritual.

The benefits:

  • Connection to the heavens
  • Harmony mind, body and spirit
  • Intention-setting, thanks-giving and spiritual upliftment

How to prepare and full-joy: 

  • Fill the coconut shell a third of the way with clean, filtered water.
  • To test if you’ve added too much water, inhale through the bamboo stem and if water touches your tongue, you will need to pour out a few drops of water. 
  • Add desired smoking herbs to the kutchie
  • Say a prayer of gratitude before burning the herbs.
  • Burn herbs using matches or lighter, or your preferred heat source.
  • Exhalation of the herbs should be through the nostrils and not the mouth, if possible. 

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