Immunity Bundle

The Immunity Bundle contains all the best tools with benefits that may promote wellness and boost your immune system this season and beyond.

The bundle includes Spanish Needle, Blue Vervain, Irish Seamoss, Anamu, and Soursop. These epic herbs may help provide the ultimate immune system initial boost and lasting, long term support and elevation. This package may help anyone get and stay well and can even support those who are immunocompromised improve their overall health and wellbeing.

Immunity Bundle Components:

  1. Irish Seamoss - Superfood that May help  boost metabolism and immune system, increases energy level, improves libido, supports bone health, and more! Best consumed when made into a gel.

  2. Blue Vervain - Feel-good herb that may help with mood boosting, calming the nervous system, mucus removal and healing the reproductive system! Stress is one of the biggest detractors from a strong immune system and Blue Vervain helps keep you relaxed and well!

  3. Anamu Leaf - Immune system boosting plant that’s health benefits may include being high in sulphur and a powerful antimicrobial and anti-viral agent (also called Gully Root).

  4. Soursop - Healing herb that may help strengthen the immune system, relieves stress and inflammation and improves sleep quality.

  5. Spanish Needle -health benefits may include being a natural diuretic that is antimicrobial and antiviral and improves prostatic and immune system health! This is one of the most potent herbs that may help to remove build up of toxins from your body.


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