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The Answer - Immune System Enhancer

The Answer is an immune system enhancer and is very effective in the prevention of communicable diseases such as the flu. 

It may also help to prevent excessive bleeding during the menstrual cycle and helps minimize the symptoms of fibroids.

Taken daily it may help to fortify the immune system and strengthen one’s resistance to infectious diseases. One does not need to be sick to use The Answer as the herbs in this tincture may help to reduce cancer cell growth and may help to initiate natural cell death called apoptosis of mutated cells.   

*New Branding, Same Great Product!

How to use:

Can be taken in water or directly. 



  • Gully Root
  • Soursop Leaf
  • Ven Ven
  • Periwinkle
  • Hemp Seeds
  • Organic Barley alcohol



Exclusive product from World Renowned Healer Hon. Priest Kailash.

*Very Limited quantity.

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Processing of orders can take 2-4 business days before they are shipped.

We ship orders out  Monday through Friday.

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