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Essential Cleanse (Colon & Liver)

During this 7 day essential liver & colon cleanse, you will be detoxifying your physical body using the powerful ancestral herb: Cassia Alata aka Senna Alata, paired with the mighty Free Up Elixir. Accompanied with a sample size of Golden Sea Moss to help remineralize your system. 

This is a detox that cleanses on a cellular level and supports the liver in functioning optimally. It’s also a mild laxative that can help the body remove toxins and parasites that may be taking residence in your body.

However, we can’t just stop at cleansing the physical body, we must also look at ourselves as holistic beings. Which means cleansing of our minds and our environment are essential. Akeem has prepared a series of guides to equip you with the tools to take your livity to higher levels! So let’s cleanse all the homes we live in - mind, body, and spirit. 

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