Everybody Poops Bundle

The Everybody Poops Bundle is the best holistic, natural, and herbal combination to cleanse and restore the digestive system while also replenishing and revitalizing the whole body.

This bundle includes the Free Up Colon Cleanse drink to give a potent colon cleanse and the Slim Now laxative tea to maintain and replenish. Wellness begins in the colon and the various elements of these 2 products compliment each other and work in epic collaboration to heal and help this important organ. The Everybody Poops Bundle is the perfect opportunity to refresh and re-set the digestive system and begin on a new path of clean eating and living.

Everybody Poops Bundle Components:

  1. Free Up Colon Cleanse - Health benefits may include being an aggressive (but pain free) mixture that may naturally remove inflammation, mucus, worms and toxins from the gastrointestinal tract and cleanses and heals the colon.
  2. Slim Now - May help as a Mild laxative that supports the cleansing and removal of toxins in the digestive tract and leaves the body feeling light and energized!


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