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St Johns Bush 101: Turning Water Into Wine

St Johns Bush 101: Turning Water Into Wine

Rich Sol Foods Team
8 minute read

Herbalism is a potent and powerful way to heal from many of the most common conditions and diseases most people are struggling with today. If you are new to plant medicine because you can’t find answers in western medicine, or an expert practitioner curious about new plants, you have come to the right place, especially when it comes to St Johns Bush. 

My grandmother was a medicine woman in St Lucia. She spent her entire life studying plant medicine and herbal healing and then passed it down to our younger generations including my cousin the Hon Priest Kailash and myself. That’s how we at Rich Sol Foods, a family owned and operated healing business, are able to bring so much knowledge and healing to you all. It’s a part of our ancestry and lineage.

One such powerful herb is today’s high grade healing herb of the day  - St Johns Bush

St Johns Bush

If you google St. John’s Bush, chances are you won’t find much on it. It’s one of the rarest, least-known herbs on the planet. It’s been kept out of the mainstream because of its powerful benefits that would threaten the many conditions and diseases that the pharmaceutical industries profit most off of. ESPECIALLY birth control. 

If you have womb related health conditions such as endometriosis, PCOS, infertility problems or fibroids -  St John’s Bush is a potent herb to use. It does not only have tremendous physical benefits but also many spiritual healing benefits. Many women who have used this herb on their womb healing journey have been able to sync their cycles with the moon, get pregnant after years of trying and failing, and overall just build a better relationship with their womb.

If you are struggling with anemia after recently going plant based, or have persistent and chronic red eye, or even skin conditions such as dermatitis and eczema. St Johns Bush Tea could be your answer. This herb can be used topically as well to help and heal many of these frustrating issues. 

Give thanks and read on to learn more about St Johns Bush and see if it is the right herb for you:

What is St. Johns Bush?

 St John's Bush is a plant that grows natively in Central South America, the Caribbean, and West Africa. It can also be found in Congo and the Dominican Republic. St. John’s Bush has a few different names, including Justicia Secunda and “Blood Root” (referencing both its primary benefits and colour when brewed as a tea). 

It also is a herb that is commonly misspelled!! So if you are seeing Saint Johns Bush, St John Bush, St John's Bush - know that it is all the same herb. 

 It is an evergreen, perennial plant with woody stems that can grow from 90cm to 200cm tall. It has an extremely long history of ancestral use as potent medicine to heal many health conditions when consumed as a tea or applied topically. It’s commonly used to address women's health and anemia but has many other uses such as use for depression, red eye, eczema, fevers, and diabetes.

A phytochemical screening of this plant revealed the presence of various secondary metabolites (external substances that support metabolism) such as phenols, alkaloids, terpenes, tannins, glycosides, amino acids that all work together to heal the body. The combination of these properties makes the plant  antifungal, antidepressant, analgesic, antisickling antiplatelet, antiasthmatic, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory.

St Johns Bush Benefits

1. St Johns Bush and Women's Health

St John's Bush is a potent and powerful womb cleanser and strengthener. It stimulates proper functioning of all the reproductive organs and helps balance hormone levels to ease cycles and heal these various conditions. It does this due to its iron rich and blood boosting properties and abilities. The result with regular consumption will be less painful, more regular, more balanced periods and menstrual cycles. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Because of its potent cleansing properties it’s important to avoid drinking St Johns Bush Tea while pregnant. 

When drinking St Johns Bush for menstrual cycle balancing - drink St. John’s Bush tea each night for fourteen nights every menstrual cycle. Seven before your menstrual phase and seven days during your menstrual phase.

2. St Johns Bush and Anemia

St Johns Bush is the perfect herb to help with anemia because of its iron rich properties so consuming it regularly will naturally increase iron levels. It also will have positive effects on providing oxygen to red blood cells which helps balance iron-deficiencies and forms of poor circulation. It’s the perfect addition to your herbal routine to help keep your iron levels up.

If you are familiar with Rich Sol Foods you will know that we are big advocates for plant based lifestyle. Almost Alkaline and the alkaline diet is one of our key values and beliefs. Our founder Akeem Pierre has been vegan for over 5 years. So we know it’s not uncommon for people who are plant based, especially in the beginning while you are still learning how to adjust and get all your nutrients, to struggle with iron deficiency. 

Even if you aren’t plant based - anemia is a common problem. It’s especially common in women and women of colour because of their menstrual cycle. It’s also common amongst athletes as many experience low levels of blood hemoglobin, low haematocrit, and low ferritin levels. This is called ‘'sports anemia’ and can lead to weakness, fatigue, and overall lower performance and ability to gain and increase strength. 

3. St Johns Bush and Topical Use

St Johns Bush is a powerful and diverse herb. If applied topically it can flush out “red eye.” For eye wash place a pinch of St. John’s Bush leaves and flowers in ¼ cup of hot water. Allow it to cool to a suitable temperature and strain. Add to eyes to rinse or apply to a cloth and use as a compact. Ancestrally its use for red eye is another reason why St Johns Bush is also known as “The Blood Root” and turns red when it’s brewed.

This is a common practice and wisdom among the elders in St. Lucia. My grandmother was one of the first herbalists to discover this and passed down this information that we are now working to share with all of you so you can use this within and throughout your families and lineages.

The Herbal Manual: the Matrix of Herbal Medicine provides another unique application for St. John’s Bush where a bath made from with this herb can be used to heal skin rashes in babies as well as adults. Simply add a handful of St Johns Bush to a warm-hot bath and soak to help with everything from dermatitis to eczema and scarring. 

4. Other St Johns Bush Uses

St Johns Bush has many other uses and has also been shown to help reduce fevers, smallpox treatment, and diabetes. As well as can be seen in cases of relieving anxiety, depression, stress, headaches, general pain, and other symptoms. Studies from ScienceDirect, has proven the anti-inflammatory properties in St. John’s Bush:

This study suggests that Justicia Secunda possesses anti-inflammatory, antinociceptive and antioxidant activities and also provides the pharmacological basis for its uses in traditional medicine for these purposes. 

St John’s Bush Tea

The easiest and best way to consume St. John’s Bush is when it’s prepared and drunk as a tea. Here’s how you make St. John’s Bush tea:

  1. Add 3 cups of St. John’s Bush leaves and flowers to (1) cup of hot water
  2. Let steep for 5, 7, or 13 minutes depending on desired potency
  3. Strain
  4. Serve immediately (hot or cold)

St Johns Bush - Where To Buy 

Because of how rare it is it is difficult to find quality, potent St Johns Bush. At Rich Sol foods we make sure that our St Johns Bush is harvested with love and intention and free of all preservatives and additives. 

St Johns Bush is a must have herb in your home FARM-acy. Can give this to a woman in your life to help them heal and mend their wombs and menstrual cycles or keep it on hand for kids who get read eye or your plant based community if they are having iron deficiency issues. 

St Johns Bush Tea is also one of the best herbs whether you are deep into herbalism or just beginning to learn because it starts working immediately. Many women report seeing improvements in their menstrual cycle right away.

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St. Johns Bush

St. Johns Bush

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Our St Johns bush is harvested with love and intention on the lush island of Saint Lucia. St. Johns bush is known as one of the most potent herbs for women's health (not to be confused with St. Johns Wort) The… read more

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