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Cleansing With The New Moon - The Ancestral Way

Cleansing With The New Moon - The Ancestral Way

Akeem Pierre
8 minute read

The moon is more than just a big, beautiful, ball in the sky! It’s a powerful and symbolic celestial body that has the power to impact us as human beings and our environments. Each of the different phases of the moon represents a different collection of energies which we can use to better our lives. Hint the New Moon is a powerful time for cleansing. 


The new moon is a time of great potential and possibility. Different cultures and individuals may interpret and celebrate the significance of the new moon differently, but the common thread is role it plays in rooting into the magic, cycles, and flow of life. People use this phase as a time to align with fresh and new energy and move towards personal growth, transformation, and spiritual development. 

In St Lucia, the new moon is celebrated with beautiful practices, routines, and rituals. This is often supported by astrological and cosmic beliefs and transits. My ancestors were deeply tapped in with this energy and used it to better forward their lives and heal and care for their mind, bodies, and spirits. Including (and especially) cleansing their physical structure.

They operated on the belief that the cycle from the new moon to full moon is a time to rejuvenate and build the body up, and the time from the full moon to the new moon is a time to cleanse time. This is sacred and divine the way they were able to honour and live in flow with the natural rhythms, cycles, magics of their mind, bodies, spirits, and the natural world around them. 

    What Does A New Moon Represent?

    The new moon marks the beginning of a new lunar cycle because it represents the start of the moon's monthly journey around the Earth.

    It’s also often called the Dark Moon. The darkness of the new moon encourages deep introspection and inner reflection. It is an opportunity to look at one's emotions, thoughts, and desires and gain more clarity. It THEN invites us to leave behind the past, embrace a clean slate, and have a fresh start! It’s a time for setting intentions and starting new projects or endeavours. The energy of the new moon ultimately supports the manifestation process!

    The new moon is also considered a time when the veil between the physical and spiritual worlds is thinner. It is understood to be conducive to divination, receiving messages from higher realms, and engaging in prophecy. Ancestors and spirits may be more accessible during this phase, allowing for more communication and guidance.

    How Do I Cleanse With The New Moon?

    Cleansing is an act that reverberates through all aspects of our lives. When we cleanse, we’re essentially pressing a reset button, allowing our bodies to function at their peak. The ancestral way is cleansing 7 days leading up to the new moon either every month or every season. This is the way of aligning with the rhythms of nature AND their biological rhythms. The traditional cleanse constituted of Cassia Alata Leaf Tea and The Free Up Colon Cleanse.

    Cleansing Calendar

    Cassia Alata (7 Risings In a Row)

    Cassia Alata, also known as the Ringworm Bush or Senna Alata is a potent herb that my ancestors in St Lucia have used for its incredible cleansing properties. This tea stimulates a cellular detox, the cleansing our blood, and enabling a smoother flow of iron from our liver into our bodies. This particularly helps those of us who feel low on energy and vitality, opening a new gateway to livity!

    Each morning prepare your Cassia Alatta tea with 3 tablespoons leaves in the water to ensure a strong potency of the tea. Drink all of the tea on a fasted stomach, between 6am and 11am. 

    Here are some other tips when taking Cassia Alata for the best benefits:

    • Staying well hydrated

    • Eat light foods throughout the day. 

    • Be observant of how your body reacts to the cleanse. You may start to notice some detoxification symptoms such as light headaches or a change in bowel movements. 

    • Incorporate some light exercise today, like a gentle yoga flow or a brisk walk. 

    • Take time to meditate and relax.

    • Give thanks and gratitude to your body. 

    • Reflect and journal on your cleanse journey so far. 

    Cassia Alata Leaf

    Cassia Alata Leaf

    $25.00 $30.00

    Cassia Alata, also known as “King of the Forest” is harvested with love and intention on the lush island of Saint Lucia. This is the most potent liver cleansing herb and will help you glow inside and out, balance your… read more

    Free Up Colon Cleanse (Evening of the 7th day)

    My uncle Rt. Honourable Priest Kailash has been using the Free up in his healing process for over 15 years. The herbs are picked locally in Saint Lucia and then formulated while the herbs are still green and living. This makes sure you get all the healing benefits the plants have to offer. 

    Wellness begins in the colon! Free up will aggressively yet pain-free cleanse the colon of all waste material and plaque that has been compiled on the colonic walls over the years. It may help remove inflammation, mucus, worms and toxins from the gastrointestinal tract while acting as a lubricant in the facilitation of the entire process.

    On the evening of the 7th day, the night before the new moon, prepare yourself by having a clean and plant-based dinner. A few hours after your last meal, take the Free Up tincture, and relax for the rest of the evening. Try not to drink fluids to avoid diluting the effects. You can expect to start having bowel movements within a few hours and throughout the night, going into the following morning.

    Free-up Colon cleanse

    Free-up Colon cleanse

    $50.00 $60.00

    Wellness begins in the colon. Colax gently cleanses the colon by removing the build up of toxic waste material stored over time in the colon walls. Containing natural lubricants to soothe the gastrointestinal tract. Colax reduces inflammation and mucus build… read more

    Is There A Kit That Can Help Me?

    We've made cleansing easy for you with our Essential Cleansing Kit. It includes our Cassia Alata, Free Up Colon Cleanse and includes a sample size of Golden Sea Moss to help remineralize your system before, during, and after your cleansing. 

    *This September we will be doing a guided group cleanse experience to bring in the Fall equinox and heal together! The cleanse will start on September 7th and end on September 14th! We'll have group calls and special workshops to help you on your journey! 

    This a detox that cleanses on a cellular level and supports the liver in functioning optimally. It’s also a mild laxative that can help the body remove toxins and parasites that may be taking residence in your body. However, we can’t just stop at cleansing the physical body, we must also look at ourselves as holistic beings. Which means cleansing of our minds and our environment are essential. When you purchase this cleanse you also get a collection of e-books that equip you with the tools to take your livity to higher levels such as improving your routines, emotions, environment and more. 

    Essential Cleanse (Colon & Liver)

    Essential Cleanse (Colon & Liver)

    $65.00 $90.00

    During this 7 day essential liver & colon cleanse, you will be detoxifying your physical body using the powerful ancestral herb: Cassia Alata aka Senna Alata, paired with the mighty Free Up Elixir. Accompanied with a sample size of Golden Sea Moss to help remineralize your system.  This is a… read more

    What Do I Do After Cleansing (On The New Moon)?

    As we wrap up this seven-day cleanse, take a moment to pause and breathe. Feel the purity within, the freshness of a cleansed body. Take this moment to acknowledge the transformation, and tune into your newfound energy.. We’ve hit the reset button on our bodies, but we gotta keep the momentum going. What’s next?

    Make a commitment to yourself on how you want to maintain and sustain this new level of livity moving forward. Aim to eat a balanced diet, rich in fresh fruits, veggies, and whole grains, and remember to move your body daily and stay hydrated. 

    What Are Some Other New Moon Rituals?

    There are a lot of intentional rituals in addition to cleansing that are powerful ways to harness the energy of the new moon for more health and healing. Here are some examples: 

    1. Manifestation: Like we spoke about above, set intentions and make wishes for the upcoming cycle. This could involve prayer, visualization, or other methods of intention-setting that feel aligned for you.

    2. Cleanse Your Space: Use herbs, incense, or smudging to clear negative energy and create a harmonious environment. Anamu Root is a powerful herb for cleansing space. 

    3. Herbal Baths: Take a bath infused with various herbs, flowers, and essential oils to promote relaxation and spiritual ascension.

    4. Moon Water: Leave water out under the glow of the moon to charge it up and drink it for extra spiritual connection. Also can be used to water your plants!

    5. Music and Dancing: Integrate rituals involving music, drumming, and dance to honour the moon's energy and celebrate life!

    6. Offerings and Altar Work: Create an altar or make offerings to deities, ancestors, or spirits as a way of seeking blessings and protection.

    7. Womb Wellness: The moon is a feminine power, it rules the menstrual cycle and flow and rhythms of womens bodies. Take time to honour and celebrate your womb and yoni with the new moon. 

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