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Full Body Detoxification Bundle

Full body Detoxification Kit

The best full body detox is now available online with guidance! You'll receive a PDF Food Guide + digital guidance and a guide on how to cleanse your home and create the optimal healing environment. 

This Health benefits of this cleanse include:

  • Detoxing your body all the way down to the cellular level
  • Removing excess mucus build-up after years of eating poorly
  • Alkalize your system
  • Revitalize your blood with iron and other important minerals
  • Help regulate blood sugar & blood pressure
  • Cleanse the womb and balance hormones for women

The cleanse comes with 6 bottles that you take over 7 days. The herbs are in liquid form and are naturally fermented to preserve their potency and vitality. They are mainly raw and better than organic as they are Grown in our secluded herbal forest and harvested and prepared with love on sight. Watch this video to learn more! 


*Please select whether you want the Kit for Men or For Women!* 

All purchases come with online guidance to make the process as easy as possible! 

Cleanse Bottles information:

  1. Free-up Laxative: Wellness begins in the colon so the first step of each package is the Free up Laxative which may help aggressively cleanse the colon of all waste material and plaque that has been compiled on the colonic walls over the years. It may help cleanse the colon by increasing its peristaltic action and flushing out waste inflammation, worms and toxins from the gastrointestinal tract while acting as a lubricant in the facilitation of the entire process.Yes, it is aggressive yet pain-free.
  2. Blood Detox: The package also comprises of the Free up Detox which health benefits may help build the immune system, detoxifies the blood and cleanses the organs equipping the body to sufficiently defend itself against any attacks.
  3. Fey Duvan: May help Regulate the consistency of the blood with its rich garlic weed (guinea hen weed) and sea moss content.
  4. Pure Gold: May help to clear mucus from the system and aids the elimination of poor circulation and respiratory tract infections.
  5. Pure Green: Health benefits include providing the body’s need for an iron tonic, an energy boost and any further strengthening of the immune system is met by the Pure Green. The pure green may also help alkalize the physical structure with its high content of green herbs. 

Difference between kit for Men vs kit for Women: 

  1.  Kit for women includes: Womb Cleanser AKA Fruitful: The presence of the Womb Cleanser identifies the Female Package which specifically targets the female reproductive system with health benefits that may include cleansing the womb of all dead tissue, regulating the menstrual cycle and hormonal balance of her body. It may also help in the process of eliminating fibroids and polycystic ovary conditions.
  2. Kit for men includes: Important Male Tonic: Health benefits include Specifically targeting the male reproductive system by improving erections, building sperm count and nourishing the prostate while at the same time energizing the system.


*For a limited time receive a free Herbal Healing Masterclass with each purchase!*

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