Mindful menstruation bundle w/ 1 months free Seamoss!

Mindful Menstruation all 2022 and beyond! These 2 teas may help with healing the womb, balancing hormones and aiding in a clear mind. May also help ease symptoms from Fibroids, Endometriosis. PCOS and painful moon cycles. 

For a limited time receive a free sample of Seamoss with your order! 

Our St Johns bush and Red Raspberry are harvested with love and intention on the lush island of Saint Lucia. St. Johns bush is one of the most potent herbs for women's health (not to be confused with St. Johns Wort). Red Raspberry is also a life changer when it comes to women's health! 

Join our community of women who will be drinking our teas together everyday to stay consistent and hold each-other accountable and balance our hormones. Incorporating mindful movement and embodiment practice. Check us out on IG to stay up to date with all the vibes! 

We look forward to all the goddesses who will be coming on this ancestral healing journey with us and we can't wait to see and hear all about the progress we make as a community.

Consistency is key! We cant wait to hear about your results! 

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